It is really easy to start running, you only need a pair of sneakers and need to be willing to hit the pavement. Even with this simplicity, running is considered a high impact activity and special care is required, especially in the beginning.

So after seeing so many people giving up after the first few weeks of running we decide d to compose a list of the 5 biggest mistakes of a newbie runner.

1)START TOO FAST: In the beginning its hard to understand and control the pace, the body is not ready yet and it needs to get used to the exercise. Most people tend to start too fast and in the middle of the training the body starts to react causing leg and abdomen pain and even shortness of breath. Usually people quit at this point thinking that running is just not their thing. Try to find a slower pace that you can keep up. The other option is to do interval training alternating running and waking until your body is ready to run the whole time, and use smart progression without being in a hurry.

2)RUNNING LONG DISTANCES TOO SOON: It is common to run a couple  of 5k races and get excited because running can be addicting so you start planning on a half marathon or even a marathon. Hold on! Your body needs time to adapt. Running long distances too soon can cause injuries that can leave you out of commission for a while, so instead of making progress you will regress and work against your goals. Train smart!

3)NOT GETTING ENOUGH REST: If you are a beginner don’t run everyday, give your body at least 48 hours to recover from running. Again, smart progression is the key to success. Quality sleep time is crucial to the recovery process, it’s during sleep that the body restores muscle break down, not to mention mood and energy levels that also get debilitated with lack of sleep.

4)OVEREATING: Running does not give you a free pass to eat anything, it actually works the other way around. You need to eat well to maximize the benefits of running for your body.

5)LACK OF MENTAL TOUGHNESS: As in any area of your life, mental strength is very important. We all have good days and bad days, sometimes a training session does not go as planned. Even if that is the case, don’t give up. Dealing with these psychological obstacles can be considered part of your training, and will only benefit your performance.

With that being said… Grab your sneakers, call a friend and hit the road for a fun and relaxing run

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