Runners need more than just RUN


ATTENTION RUNNERS: if you’re looking to increase your mile pace or to boost your final sprint, strength training is the answer for you! You don’t need to ditch one training in favor of another.

STRENGTH TRAINING is one of the biggest factors that will impact your performance, the stronger you get the more your body can handle the demands of running.

When working together, strength training and running compliment each other to help your 5K, Half and Marathon training in the long run.

5 benefits of adding weight training to your regular runs:

    • Increase endurance: True, strength training will not replace your run club, but both can together work to improve your endurance. A regular regimen of squats help make both your muscles and joints stronger for long distance running.


    • Injury prevention: Everything is related. If you train hard when not running outdoors, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments all can become stronger. A stronger body in turn makes it easier for you to handle the natural movements of running.


    • 3 – Improve performance: This is a no brainer: if your body is strong, and well prepared for running movements, it will perform better when it comes down to the big race.


    • Increase speed: Plyometric, or training that requires jumping at a fast pace, can help improve your agility while running. Quick agility will in turn increase your speed and help you trim down your marathon times.


    • 5 – Body composition: When you start a strength-training program, you should see a noticeable difference in your muscle tone and definition. Just as running is a form of cardio and burns fat, strength training can help tone the muscles, making you look and feel stronger!


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