Water makes up half of our body weight, but chances are, you’re not getting enough in your system. Replenish fluids that are lost throughout the day by drinking plenty of liquids – especially water.

Are you hydrating enough?

While 6-8 glasses a day are recommended for most people, those who exercise on a regular basis or go to the bathroom often should be consuming far more than that because you are continuously losing hydration.


Water vs. sports drinks

While there are plenty of drinks on the market like sodas and sports and energy drinks, water is still the best and purest way to keep your body hydrated. Stop and consider what you’re replenishing your fluids with. Sugary sports drinks claim to provide electrolytes, but they also provide you with plenty of sugar and sodium in the process. And let’s not forget that sugar that turns into fat. Don’t counteract all your hard work at the gym this morning by chugging a neon-colored bottle of sugar.



Avoid carbonated drinks, avoid sugar

Regular sodas are pumped with sugars and diet sodas are filled with dangerous chemicals! It’s best to avoid them altogether since unlike sports drinks, they have absolutely no positive effects. They’re made from sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sodium, and basically everything that you’re trying to avoid in living a healthy lifestyle.


Why water?

For one, it’s completely free at restaurants. It’s also completely natural when filtered and helps to energize your muscles. Also, that feeling when you’re not sure if you’re hungry so why not have a snack? Water can help you weed out boredom hunger from real hunger.

Tips to stay healthy & hydrated

* Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go, this way you will remember to drink water throughout the day
* Drink water before, during and after exercising
* Have a full glass of water before each meal
* Track your water intake daily to make sure you are drinking enough
* Add a slice of lemon to add taste without adding extra calories
* Eat fruits and vegetables for optimum healthy and hydration



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