Best Way To Lose Baby Weight

Baby Weight is still weight… the best (healthy!) way to lose it is with a good diet and proper exercise. The difference between losing weight and losing baby weight is you just had a baby and your body doesn’t even feel like your body, so it’s more complicated. Your body feels different, your hormones are different, and not to mention you have a little life you’re taking care of too.

A good diet isn’t a diet, it’s just eating the right amount of the right foods. After pregnancy, dieting can actually be dangerous. Your body needs the proper nutrition in order to recover from delivering your baby, especially if you are breast feeding. Cutting calories and burning fat too quickly aren’t good for you or your new baby. Being hungry causes you to produce less breast milk and can also confuse your body to think it’s starving, which will cause you to hold on to extra fat. It’s important to be realistic with your weight loss and eat enough, healthy food. Getting all the necessary nutrients from healthy, whole foods is more important in the early weeks than losing the weight.

It’s no secret that exercise does the body some good; it works the same for new moms. For starters, post-pregnancy hormones are crazy. They can cause weight gain, depression, mood swings, hunger, and more. Exercise is a great natural hormone equalizer. It gives you the hormones to make you happy, build muscle, and burn fat. After a workout you are more likely to choose healthy foods to assist with the weight loss, bringing in the best balance of healthy food and activity. Even though you are now caring for a little one, you will still need your “me-time.” Taking an hour a few times a week to exercise is great to keep you happy and stress free, giving you more energy to care for the baby. Not to mention, exercise will make you feel better and the movement will help rid any achy joint pains from the pregnancy.

[quote align=”left” color=”#6F6F6F”]Having the support group is motivating and will push you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Usually with the right nutrition and exercise, the extra baby fat will come off. Although it’s typical to plateau; the last 5-10 pounds want to stick around longer than you like. That’s when it’s time to really crank things up. It’s time for specialized workout and nutrition programs that target all the right areas to get you to your pre-baby body, or even a better one! The best way to trudge through those frustrating last pounds is to stay positive and go through it with a support group of other moms in the same position.

Evolution Fitness’s Mom’s On A Mission (M.O.M.) program is designed specifically for new moms to get the best bodies of their lives. With workouts targeted for all the problem areas and a meal plan designed by a nutritionist, it is the perfect program for moms to get their bodies back! The best part is you will meet a group of moms all working towards similar goals to go through it with you. Having the support group is motivating and will push you to reach your health and fitness goals. It’s tough to find time for yourself, but with the provided daycare you will get one hour to yourself to work towards a better you.

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