Why you LOSE WEIGHT & GAIN it all back?

Want to lose weight with no work, no commitment, no dedication and in no time?! Thank goodness there’s plans like the the 7-Day Diet, 8-Hour Cleanse, and 2-Week Detox, all guaranteed for weight loss in only a few short days. Although these fad diets are popular, guaranteed, and some even “Oz-Approved,” they are not successful in long term weight loss.

Most people who do these extreme crash diets yo-yo: They do the diet and drop weight, then put it all back on in a matter of weeks (sometimes even days), and then do the diet again and claim it worked, but then put all the weight back on again… but usually even more. They’re constantly back and forth between losing and gaining weight.

Not only are these crash diets extreme, and extremely dumb, they really do not work. Here’s some reasons why:

  • It’s all water. Losing weight quickly doesn’t mean you are losing fat. In those few days of dieting, you are losing water. Cutting out tons of food leaves you dehydrated and doesn’t allow you to retain as much water. You are not changing your metabolism, so as soon as you eat anything after the crash is over, it all comes right back on.
  • There’s a lot of risks. Constantly gaining and losing weight, shocking your metabolism without eating then over eating, and whatever else these crash diets call for (usually laxatives and starvation) can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and a damaged metabolism.
  • You lose the muscle. In a starved state, which is what you are in during a short crash diet, your body wants to store everything it needs and get rid of what it doesn’t. Therefore, you will most likely store what it thinks will best help it survive, fat. It keeps you warm, full, and energized . What you don’t need to survive is muscle, so that is the weight you lose, which is never what you want for weight loss. Sure it works in the short term, but long term you need that muscle to burn more calories when you’re at rest.
  • They are not sustainable. These crash diets are so short because they cannot be kept up for a long time without making you sick or worse. Your body needs to be fueled properly in order to work properly, so damaging it for a couple days will not help you get anywhere with weight loss over a long period of time.

Weight loss is not something that can be done over night, it takes a lifetime of healthy habits. That means eating right and being active. All of these crash diets call for minimal food with no activity. Exercise should never be replaced with a lack of calories. For best result, ditch the diet and focus on proper nutrition and exercise; something where you drop weight gradually. Something you can do for the long haul. That’s the only way you can lose the weight and keep it off.

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