Eating Healthy Food

There’s 168 hours in a week. Let’s say you work out three times a week for an hour, you have a 165 hours left. Maybe you’re really on top of your workouts and you work out 7 days a week, which leaves you with 161 hours outside of the gym. Take out sleep and that gives you 105 hours a week where you’re not working out or resting. That’s a lot of time… so what do you do during those hours to get you to your health and fitness goals?

Obviously you won’t be eating for the duration of those hours, but you should be working out that nutrition! If you’re going to put the time in to exercise, you should definitely put the time in to eating healthy.

Eating right doesn’t have to be excessively complicated. Your best bet is to eat natural, whole foods. That means cut out the processed crap that is full of fake sugars and chemicals. Eat your protein, get in some healthy fats, and load up on the vegetables. Use food to maximize your workouts, not give you a reason to workout.

[quote align=”center” color=”#e26723″]If you’re going to put the time in to exercise, you should definitely put the time in to eating healthy.[/quote]

  • Have some protein, bro: Proteins break down into magical little molecules called amino acids which make up your genetic material, regulate metabolism, build up muscle and bone, aid your immune system, and carry oxygen throughout your body. Sounds like pretty important stuff… it is, especially when your working out. Protein will keep you full longer too. Learn More About Healthy Fats
  • Listen to your mother, eat your veggies: Choose veggies, fruit is high in sugar which can get in the way of losing weight. Veggies have lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that you need for your body to function properly. You’ll feel more energized if you snack on these.
  • Not all fat is bad: Healthy fats (mono- and polyunsaturated, omega-3) are needed to control your mood through hormones, keep your brain functioning properly, give you energy, and manage your weight. Don’t fall for “guilt-free” snacks like low-fat cookies and chips, get ‘em from nuts, oils, and avocados instead. Learn More About Healthy Fats
  • Eat starchy carbs: Carbs are totally necessary for energy, but you want the ones that give you long-lasting energy; like starchy carbs (legumes, beans, potatoes, whole grains). Energy from these will last for a while where simple sugars break down so quick, they give you a short burst of energy but it won’t last long. Learn More About Starchy Foods

Nutrition is different for everybody so find out what foods work best for you. Experiment with when you eat what you eat, what gives you energy longer, what keeps you full, what do you like and not like. Keep it simple and discover what you like so you’re more likely to stick to healthy habits when you’re out of the gym.

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