Working Out Outside

There’s nothing better than the great outdoors… With fresh air, natural light, and open space, you couldn’t ask for anything better. Being outside has a lot of positive health benefits, especially mental health. The outdoors calm the mind, increase creativity, and boost your mood. Combine that with exercise, and BOOM! you’ve got a double dose of it all.

Even though it seems like a workout is a workout, being outside can do some wonders for your body that the gym just can’t do. You’re still going to sweat the same, you’ll still squat the same, the push-ups won’t change whether you do them inside or out but your mood, energy, and behavior will get a different workout.

[quote align=”left” color=”#6F6F6F”]…being outside can do some wonders for your body that the gym just can’t do.

Here’s why working out outside rules!

  • People who workout outside are more likely to commit to their workout plans and be more consistent. It’s no secret that consistency gets results. An Ohio State University study claims you are 23% more likely to repeat an outdoor workout sessions than in the gym… because it’s more fun that way. Duh!


  • Outside exercise is Prozac. Ok not literally, but it can do the same thing. Working out outside makes your body release more feel-good endorphins which decreases stress, depression, anger, and tension. Not to mention it makes you want to work harder, so your workouts are better too. Maybe it’s the fresh air, maybe it’s the open space, but who cares?! It can’t hurt to be happier.


  • You will think more clearly outside. Walls can be limiting to your creativity and perspective. The serene surroundings outside allow you to zen out, being less tense and relaxed will boosting your energy and focus. Get all those meditative effects without even trying, when taken outside the exercise is your meditation. Get that runner’s high without the run!


  • It’s better for your immune system. You don’t know who used that machine before you… you know, the one with a puddle of sweat still sitting on it. So not only are you avoiding that, it’s believed that the airborne chemicals from plants help your immune system. They circulate through your body and kill unwanted invaders; sounds creepy but it prevents you from getting sick. Ok one more thing- patients who recovered on the sunny side of a hospital reported less pain and needed less pain medication. That natural lighting is clearly good for something.


Your muscles are going to respond the same no matter where you get your workout in, but the rest of your body, especially your mind, will benefit a little more. You don’t have to go to yoga for a mind-body workout…

Ditch those walls and get outside!

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