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Wade Waddick

Founder - Trainer

Wade Waddick
Creator of Evolution Fitness
1994-96 Full scholarship for College Basketball
1996-2000 Platoon Sergeant with the United States Marine Corps
2000-05 Top 10 Trainer in the nation for Bally Total Fitness
2005-2009 Head Trainer at United States Fitness Corps
2009- to present the Creator of Evolution Fitness
Wade’s passion is helping others become the best version of them self. He picked the name Evolution because it represents the journey of constantly improving yourself mentally and physically. Wade gets to use all of his knowledge and experience from the military combined with his knowledge of training to make an impact on people’s lives. He believes that helping others discover what they are truly capable of is the greatest job on earth.


Evolution Fitness Trainer


Evolution Fitness Trainer


Vivienne Borchers


My name is Vivienne Borcher. I am a mother to four beautiful children. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Pennsylvania, and I’ve bee living in South Florida for 16 years. I became a Zumba®️ Instructor in early 2015 after my own struggles with my weight.
Zumba® ignited my passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals and inspired me to become a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Plate by Zumba™ Coach.
Because losing weight after childbirth was so challenging for me, I have focused my continuing education on prenatal and postpartum fitness so that I may better help new mothers regain their core strength and confidence.


Johnathan Souders


I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I like to train using a mix of different training methods and write up personalized fitness programs based on my clients fitness goals. I have multiple specialty certifications in Functional Training and Sport Strength and Conditioning. I love working with all types of people but being an athlete all of my life, I especially love bringing young athletes to the next level or even a previous athlete back to their former glory. Prior to becoming a trainer at Evolution Fitness, I was a member who completed and won the 90 Day Transformation Challenge. I fell in the love with the gym and the rest of history.


Sooz Melissa


Evolution Fitness Trainer


Lilly Jaffy


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